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Reasons Why Online Behavioral Advertising Benefits Consumers

  • Online Behavioral Advertising Keeps the Internet Free - more relevant ads improve revenues for websites which enable such websites to provide diverse and better quality content to consumers for free.
  • Relevant Ads Are Good For You - with online behavioral advertising, you see ads that are more relevant and useful to you, whether it's a sale from your favorite store or airline tickets to your hometown.

At the end of the day, you are in control of whether information is used for online behavioral advertising. If you choose to opt-out of receiving interest-based ads, we make it easy.
Simply opt-out today.

For Consumers

Most websites work with online advertising companies, such as Mediaplex, to display advertising that is relevant to its users, in this case, you. Some of the online ads you see may be associated with the content of the webpage you're visiting, others might be based on registration details or other information you have provided to advertising companies and relevant partners. Some other ads could be customised from predictions about your interests based on which websites you have previously visited. The goal of AdChoices is to provide you with information about how online advertising works and the choices you have.

Who served this ad?

If you have landed on this page as a result of clicking on an online ad, that ad was served to you by Mediaplex.

Where can I learn more about how Mediaplex selects ads?

Please read about Mediaplex's privacy and advertising practices.

What choices do I have about interest-based advertising from Mediaplex?

Mediaplex customises ads based on your past activity. This is often called interest-based advertising or online behavioral advertising, otherwise known as OBA.

You can opt-out of receiving interest-based ads from Mediaplex.

If you are in the  U.K., you can opt-out via the IAB UK's industry opt-out at www.youronlinechoices.com.

Visit www.aboutads.info or the Network Advertising Initiative to learn more about online behavioral advertising and to see your opt-out choices from other participating companies.

Still want to learn more? We have more information to provide to you:

  • Mediaplex, as part of ValueClick, is an active participant of the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. Learn more about this Self-Regulatory Program at www.aboutads.info.
  • Learn more about online behavioral/interest-based advertising from the Digital Advertising Alliance here.
  • Learn more about online advertising from the Network Advertising Initiative.
  • Explore browser controls and plug-in tools to help set and maintain your privacy choices.

For Advertisers and Publishers

Mediaplex provides advertising technology solutions and services that enable marketers to achieve greater efficiencies and a competitive edge through insightful reporting and analytics. To learn more about Mediaplex solutions and services, please visit our website at www.mediaplex.co.uk.