• Deliver relevant, rich-media creative based on targeting information 
  • Exponentially reduce creative production costs by swapping out copy, images, styling, calls to action, target URLs and more
  • Create one-to-one marketing vehicles by targeting based on off-site conversions, shopping cart data, site activity or search results to extend engagements
  • Deliver ads based on customer acquisition stage to drive marketing funnel

MOJO Dynamic Creative delivers custom, user-aware ads in real-time

Achieving one-to-one marketing requires real-time knowledge of customers and what they’re interested in. Without a deep integration to customer data, an adserver and a rich media processor, dynamic messaging is near impossible. This is why few advertisers leverage this powerful creative strategy and opt to spend unnecessary resources producing multiple static graphics that mimic true dynamic messaging.


Connected to customer profiles in our data management platform, ads can feature images, copy, and products relevant to customer interest. Messaging can also be storyboarded to strategically advance customers down the funnel toward conversion. This creates a wealth of possibilities for true relevance, personalized messaging, and unique offers. Serve ads that are customized to every user at a fraction of the cost creating multiple banners.