• Reduce duplication of campaign data and tracking efforts
  • Faster real-time add, edit or removal of embedded tags to respond to marketing requirements
  • Seamless integration with ValueClick companies for cross-channel collection

A single point of control to manage site and ad tags

Effectively collecting and managing your proprietary data is critical to success in today’s digital media environment. MASTER TMS is an evolution of Mediaplex’s container tag solution launched in 2004. It delivers cutting-edge tag management technology and services.

MASTER TMS empowers you to execute sophisticated data collection techniques with ease. Ensure that your tag configuration is consistent with your overall digital marketing initiatives and supports optimal website performance. You organization will be more efficient, more competitive, and more profitable with MASTER TMS.


MASTER TMS also tracks offsite marketing events that drive traffic to your site. Utilize a single solution to track users where they interact with your marketing through a conversion event. MASTER Tag Management is a core component of a unified data collection and cross-channel analytics strategy.