The Smart Choice for Rich Media

Getting noticed online is increasingly dependent on deep, immersive marketing messages – experiences rich media excels at creating. With MOJO Rich Media from Mediaplex, you get a full suite of stunning and powerful online ad types, made even more valuable through a unique focus on user data.  Best of all, you get all the benefits of MOJO Rich Media in a 100% full service solution.

The smart choice for your rich media ads

MOJO Rich Media delivers a remarkable range of rich media units and technologies that address all of your brand needs: 

  • Expandable ads
  • Dynamic creative for retargeting
  • Real-time content streaming
  • Sequential creative delivered in order
  • Spectacular units that takeover
  • In-banner and in-stream video
  • Data forms for lead capture 
  • Tabbed creative, sliders, peelbacks
  • More!

Bells and Whistles and a Whole Lot More

Mediaplex offers the full range of rich media executions across multiple channels. From expandable banners to dynamic units, in-banner video to full page takeovers, we’ve got you beautifully covered.

Mediaplex also offers an expert creative team that develops powerful rich media units for agencies and brands. Whether it’s executing your concepts or providing a full creative and concepting service, the Mediaplex creative team makes it simple and easy to deploy powerful and compelling ads.


Get Ahead of Your Competition with Data-Informed Rich Media

Rich media is about more than a pretty face.  By leveraging data to create more tailored marketing experiences, your brand can greatly improve its consumer value exchange.

Beautiful units with the power of user data. That’s Smart Rich. That’s MOJO Rich Media.