Get all the advantages of real-time bidding (RTB) in a standardised solution that you buy with an Insertion Order. No platforms to learn or teams to hire. No long term commitments.

Your RTB Campaign Managed By Analytics Experts 

Analytics Experts Manage Your RTB Campaign

MOJO DSP is the better way for brands and agencies to buy RTB media via the digital exchanges. It utilises Mediaplex's analytical approach to deliver superior RTB effectiveness and efficiency along with a host of other benefits:

  • Massive inventory access: 30 billion impressions per day on all major display and video exchanges.
  • IO-based buying: No investment in a platform. No long term contracts. And it fits the spreadsheet!
  • Custom user targeting: Focuses on using your first party data for a custom brand audience instead of relying primarily on expensive third party datasets.
  • Brand safety: Proven, proprietary brand safety protections for RTB.
  • Staff savings: No need to hire a team. Mediaplex manages buying, serving, optimisation and reporting.
  • Contextual options: Choose to target with contextual categories like travel or automotive.
  • Creative freedom: IAB standard, rich media, and video creative placements available.

With MOJO DSP’s full-service offering, you can deploy the most advanced bidding and targeting strategies in RTB immediately. You are RTB-ready with your existing team, workflows, and financial processes.


Choose the Fully Managed DSP

Lots of DSP providers want to sell you a self-serve platform and be on their way, leaving you to figure out how to staff and manage it. The thing is, RTB is complicated to do well. With MOJO DSP, your Mediaplex service team manages every aspect of your campaign so you know your RTB buy is being executed with precision.