Consumers interact with many marketing channels. To truly understand prospects, you need to understand their actions across more than just one channel's touchpoints. MOJO Adserver is the multichannel ad server uniquely empowered to do just that.


More Data - More Touchpoints - More Insight

MOJO Adserver uses data from across all the leading digital channels to inform more precise user targeting and better orchestrate creative messaging to individual users.

MOJO Adserver decisions are informed by marketing events across paid search, natural search, display, video, mobile, social, affiliate, rich media and more.  This cross-channel ad server creates a complete and precise view of a prospect – a view that can drive better decisions and increased ROI.


Our Multichannel Adserver: Many Channels - One Platform

With MOJO Adserver you can view and interpret data from across channels in a single place. By using one reporting and analysis tool instead of many, you can dramatically reduce the time and complexity required to manage your cross-channel campaigns.

This can be a major advantage, especially given the growth of tablets and smartphones. Whole segments of the population now use mobile phones and tablets as their primary interactive devices. It’s essential that brands take steps to manage campaign elements like frequency capping and creative sequencing across channels.

MOJO also gives you the option to customise almost every aspect of the platform. You can actually shape MOJO Adserver to the particular needs of your category, company, and brand.

Choose the flexible, multichannel ad server: MOJO Adserver.