It's common for expectations to be low when it comes to adservers, but that shouldn't be the case. Let me explain that further; if you think many adserver products are “good enough" then you may be underestimating their importance.  Adserving is not a commodity. There are many platforms which all have very different capabilities. It's those differences which can have a dramatic impact on ROI. 

Complete ad serving: The MOJO Adserver

The MOJO Difference

The most comprehensive set of capabilities you'll find are offered by the Mediaplex MOJO Adserver:

  • Complete ad serving: Take control of a remarkably easy and reliable adserver, storing and distributing ads across tens of thousands of sites. 
  • Comprehensive data collection: Collect data from multiple platforms including display, video, rich media, SEM, SEO, mobile, affiliate and social. MOJO continues to be an innovative leader in connecting these data points to individual users. It delivers a hollistic customer view that enables powerful customer insights and actionable results.
  • Your choice of reporting: Choose from pre-designed reports or create custom reports to meet the specific information needs of your brand.
  • Real-time optimisation: Improve your performance with intuitive controls and the fastest data correlation available.

All this with the Mediaplex MOJO Adserver

Proven Over 15 Years and Thousands of Clients

Many of the largest companies in digital have relied on the MOJO Adserver for years. Its reliability, flexibility, and renowned customer service can make it easier to increase your brand's ROI.