MASTER DMP Breaks Down Data Silos

MASTER DMP is a full service data management platform that makes it easy to collect and manage marketing data across all your digital efforts. Mediaplex implements data management best practices for improved actionability.  MASTER DMP activates your 1st party brand data, rather than simply managing third party audience segments.

MASTER DMP is a full service data management platform

A Single Actionable Cross Channel Dataset

MASTER DMP delivers the unified dataset you’ve been looking for:

  • Combines all data: Records from each channel are brought together into a centralised database.
  • Cleans records: Data management platform software and experts eliminate errors so that the combined dataset offers maximum utility.
  • Standardises formats: Each channel’s data is aligned to a standard structure.
  • De-duplication: Redundant records in the DMP are eliminated to improve database integrity.
  • Data enhancement: Where appropriate, Mediaplex data professionals enhance user profiles with additional datasets, all within the unified data management platform.
  • Offline integration: Master DMP also offers the option to link online data to offline transactions.

With MASTER DMP your data is united to empower your future success.


The Actionable DMP

A number of companies offer DMPs that bring your data together. But then what? The real data management platform challenge isn’t putting all your data into a bucket – it’s making it available for insight and actionability which can lead to a more efficient marketing strategy. That's why MASTER DMP is fully integrated into marketing attribution and execution tools.

Further, there’s no need to change ad management, site tracking, and other vendor relationships. MASTER DMP data collection occurs alongside your existing tools and seamlessly executes through the Mediaplex platform for the easiest implementation possible.