Marketing Data Solutions for Your Biggest Pain Points

A brand needs an end-to-end data infrastructure in order to make the most of its marketing data. Mediaplex addresses key data management bottlenecks with six state-of-the-art solutions. Each is delivered with an unrivaled level of expert consultative service.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Filling Your Marketing Data Gaps

Wherever you need a better way to manage and action your marketing data, Mediaplex has the answer:

  • Data management: MASTER DMP is an integrated cross-channel data management platform that collects, cleans, and enhances your marketing information so it can be analysed and made actionable.
  • Tag management: MASTER TMS is an advanced tag management solution that makes it easy for marketing teams to manage their site tags quickly and easily, without burdening IT. The solution can also help speed page loads and improve overall site performance.
  • Marketing attribution: MASTER Attribution is a managed service that uses an algorithm to determine the best way for you to allocate your marketing investments for maximum ROI. 
  • Ad management: MOJO Adserver is a proven cross-channel ad management platform that streamlines traditional planning, buying, optimisation, serving and reporting.
  • RTB Exchange media: MOJO DSP is a full service, IO-based RTB solution that leverages custom audience models to deliver precise impression bids in real-time based upon their true value to your business.
  • Rich media: MOJO Rich Media is a full service offering for next generation creative that combines beautiful executions with a bidirectional data utilisation strategy to leverage and enrich your target audience understanding.

With Mediaplex, you’ve got all the essential capabilities needed to maximise your marketing effectiveness and understanding.


Using Your Marketing Data To Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

A marketing data chain is only as strong as its weakest links.  Mediaplex's Software WITH Service offerings help fill the gaps in your marketing data infrastructure. We provide the tools and the expertise you need to spend every marketing pound in the most effective way possible. Mediaplex enhances your marketing data by pinpointing and filling the gaps that are holding you back.