Mediaplex: Online Marketing Analytics and Data-Driven Media Solutions

Online marketing is faster, smarter and more data-driven than ever before. Your need to react in real time, delivering personalised messages that earn every response is now so important. But despite the technical changes, the fundamental goal of any marketing strategy hasn’t changed. Every marketer wants to answer one key question:

Mediaplex: online marketing analytics and data-driven media solutions

Online Marketing Analytics Which Make A Difference

The answer lies within your brand marketing data. Mediaplex provides a clear cross-channel data and online marketing analytics platform that uncovers the best way to invest your resources for maximum impact.

But marketing is about more than just getting the answer. It’s also about making it happen. Mediaplex offers industry-leading marketing execution technology seamlessly integrated with our online marketing analytics service so you get the tools and insights you need. In one place.


Not Just Another Tool.
Mediaplex Provide The Software Plus An Expert Consultation.

You’re probably familiar with the idea of SaaS, Software-as-a-Service. To us, that concept is an oxymoron. Software is not a service. Our unique Software WITH Service model delivers both: the online marketing analytics expertise to uncover the best mix of marketing investments, and the execution tools needed to bring that ROI-optimised plan to life.  Tools and experts. Answers and action. That’s what makes us different.